Photos on my Sansa Fuze 4GB

I have just bought a sansa fuse & I am happy with it but I seem to have a problem putting photos on it.I thought it supported JPEG’s but when I put them on the fuse I get a message saying unsupported format.The JPEG’S are from a fuji 6mp camera.Some JPEG’s from my phone work fine it is a 1.3mp camera.I tried the media converter but it changes the file to BMP.Does anybody know what file sizes the fuse can use as a JPEG photos,or do I have to convert them to BMP.

The fuze only supports .jpg (yes, .jpg , not .jpeg file extension) images with a maximum of resolution. You probably need to resize them  to fit in the fuze’s screen. Video4fuze can do that automatically for as many pictures as you want from a lot of different source formats.