Unable to use Sandisk Cruzer 32GB USB Flash with unetbootin and getting not found error

Hi all,

I’m trying to use my Sandisk Cruzer 32GB USB Flash Stick with unetbootin and a .ISO file, but everytime I try I get this message:

No USB flash drives were found. If you have already inserted a USB drive , try reformatting it as FAT32

I have already formatted it to FAT32 so I’m not sure what the issue is. Any help would be great.

I believe unetbootin is looking for the USB drive as being Removable.  Newer flash drives, for Windows 8 compatibility, are now configured as Fixed drives.  Unetbootin needs to be updated to support the newer drives.  In the interrim use RMPREPUSB, it is current and supported.

Hi Ed,

Thanks for your reply. Sadly I have to use Unetbootin as it is work related. Is there absolutely no way around it at the moment?

Two options; One getting Unetbootin to update their app, Two buy a different flash drive, either a SanDisk that is not Windows 8 compatibile or a different brand.

I suppose you could try returning the drive to SanDisk for a replacement and see if that helps.