Sandisk Cruzer Force 32GB USB recognized as hard drive instead of Removable Storage driver.

Hi,My sandisk Cruzer Force 32GB USB drive is recognized as hard drive, which shows up in the Hard Disk Drives section instead of Removable Storage section. I would like to know how to fix this. bcoz i wanna to create bootable USB driver.pls help .~

i am using the window 7 32bit .

There is no fix, it is what it is.  However that should not stop you from making it bootable.  Seach here and on Google for RMPrepUSB.  It’s a utility that can make the drive bootable.

Many Thx ~!

But i still have something want to know, could u pls teach me how to define USB is recognized removable driver or hard drive when i buy usb next time .~

The hard drive concept is in support of Microsoft’s Windows 8 To Go concept.  And while Sandisk was supporting that concept for a while it no longer is.  What the difference is in the packaging of the Cruzers to indicate which is which I don’t know.  Sorry.

SanDisk’s RMA may cover returns for this situation.

I was in the process of making my flash drive bootable, then I exited the command prompt abruptly. Now, my computer doesn’t recognize my flashdrive at all. How do I go about reversing that?

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1- I assume, of course, that already revised drivers, and tested the UFD, in other PCs.
The simplest solution is to return it, you have a guarantee:

2- Meanwhile, you can investigate, whether any of these portable utilities (free), can detect your UFD:
    -   USB Flash Format (HP) 2.23
    -  USB Flash Repair (LLF) 2.91
    USB Flash Fbinst Tool 1.60
    -  USB Flash BootICE 1.32
For no lose more time, you can download (free) from here:


Luck, and then you tell us, what happened, please.

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