Cruzer Blade Sandisk 64gb USB Flash Drive, Model sdc250-064g. Can't Boot

I have just bought a Cruzer Blade Sandisk 64gb USB Flash Drive, Model sdc250-064g.
I Purchased it from a Reputable Supplier Who informs me that it is a Genuine Sandisk and not a Chinese KnockOff.
Anyway the Problem is , it will not Boot Windows 7.
What I am trying to do is , Copy All the Windows Files from my Microsoft Windows 7 DVD to the flash Drive, so I can use it inplace of a CD/DVD to Install Windows on a Computer.
This method does work as I have used it many times before.
My Current Working example of this is with a Corsair Voyager USB3 64gb Flash Drive.
I do know how to Prepare the flash drive for Booting. That is Using a Partitioning Program to make the Device Active, which I have done with the Voyager, and as I Say, it Works.
I have tried Three Different Formats on the Flash Drive ( NTFS, Exfat and Fat32 ) But neither will Boot.
Could someone Please Explain Why it wont Boot.

I Emailed Sandisk and this what they said ( 

Sandisk flash drives are the plug and play devices. We at SanDisk have not tested our flash drive as a bootable device. SanDisk does not provide any utlity or instructions to make the flash drives bootable. You can do an online search for " how to make flash drive bootable " for instructions.) Useless hey.???

Newer SanDisk drives are configured as Fixed Disk rather than Removable to comply with Microsoft’s Windows 8 requirements.  Windows 7 install requires the drive to be configured as Removable.  And there is no way to switch the config to Removable.

But there is a trick that does work getting around this situation but I can’t find it at the moment.

Here it is:

You may need to to set this as a bootable drive. By default, you cannot use a flash drive to be a bootable device.

Did you read the post from Ed_P where he correctly stated that “there is no way to switch the config to Removable” before you replied, Jimmy? :confounded: