Cruzer blade 16GB not recognized


I have a problem with my 16GB Cruzer Blade.

The drive corrupted during format made by microsoft software.

Now, drive not appeared in “my computer”.

Sometimes it appears on “Disk manager” but I can not make format because it say other process use the usb.

Other times it appears on “Device Manager” as “WPD File System Volume” with a yellow “!” aside him.

Any solution?

Thank you.

Why were you formating it?  And to what file format?


Tried to format it to NTFS (bootable) to install windows from USB and not from DVD.

You probably have one of the new SanDisk drives configured to be Fixed rather than Removable.  (A Windows 8 requirement).  It shouldn’t have stopped it from being formated but will stop it from being used to install Windows without some jerking around, but it can be done.  A search of the forum for msgs the past 6 months or so should yield the steps.

BTW & FWIW I have flash drives formatted as FAT16 and FAT32 that are bootable, some with U3 still installed on them.  NTFS does not equate to bootable.