SanDisk cruzer blade 8GB not recognising...

I hav a sandisk cruzer blade 8gb thumbdrive,i don knw suddenly wht ahappened to it,now its not at being recognised on my system or elswhere…pls help me as i hav lot of data on it…i m even unable to formate it bcz whn i press right click n press on format it wont take the comand at alll… its not taking any command, in if plugin into USB it shows as “removable disc” but not with name whn i click on properties it does not show availbale space n says this device is working properly…
Pls help me to atleast format it show that i can use it further.

kindly reply by mail =

thanks and regards

Contact SanDisk and see what they say.

If it’s under warrantee you may get a replacement from them.  As for your files, hopefully you have backups for them.