Extreme 32GB not recognized as removable storage


I just bought the Sandisk Extreme 32GB since it was supposedly one of the fastest USB’s around.

However I am having trouble getting it properly recognized under Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

For some reason the USB is recognized as an internal hard disk and not as removable storage.

This breaks the entire functionality as I was planning on using it as a bootstick.

For instance, I just wanted to format my laptop however none of the tools to mount an ISO recognize the USB stick.

Do I have a faulty unit, is there a firmware update to fix this, will I have to RMA my stick?


“Do I have a faulty unit,”

No, it was designed that way to support a Microsoft Windows 8 requirement.  However, SanDisk has stopped making them that way.  See  http://forums.sandisk.com/t5/All-SanDisk-USB-Flash-Drives/Models-configured-for-Fixed-Disk/m-p/306011#M6244

“is there a firmware update to fix this,”


“will I have to RMA my stick?”

Yes, or return it to seller.

See if this helps you create a bootable flash drive: http://www.techsupportalert.com/content/create-bootable-usb-key-thumb-drive-windows-vista7-command-line.htm

I didn’t see any note on the packaging regarding ‘Only Windows 8 compatible’.What a scam…

I thought I would give Sandisk another go after that horrific U3 launchpad incident but it seems they didn’t learn from their faults.

Guess I’ll have to return it, never ever Sandisk again. Too bad because the speeds were quite nice. :confounded:

Also… ?

I thank you for at least being transparent to this. However, are there any plans of fixing this issue in the future?

I was also facing same problem, even my Window PC was not able to recognize USB device. As I have fixed my problem by following this post - Fix USB Device Not Recognized in Windows 8

Even, you can also fix it by following the same post.