Sandisk Extreme 3.0 problems

I have a new 16gb sandisk extreme 3.0 that I want to use as a windows 7 install disk. no mater how I format or portion it does not show up in the windows USB tool nor unetbootin. Allthough it shows up in my computer (using windows xp sp2) I notice that it shows up as a fixed disk and not a removable drive. Anyway around this?

Has or can anyone try one of these in windows 7 and use the windows USB installer to or unetbootin and see if it lists the disk?

If I cannot make this bootable for installs I will be sending it back!


Sounds used or counterfeit.  USB driver are not “fixed” unless someone has tinkered with it.  Maybe your formatting screwed it up, did you use anything other than Windows?  Most of my USB drives are bootable and none are classified as fixed drives.

BTW There are filters that you can add to Windows XP that support treating USB drives as Fixed rather than Removable.  Do you have them installed?

And XP SP2?  It’s unsupported, you should be at SP3.  And it’s support is EOL also. 

If I may add, the drive uses the Windows built in drivers. Try to do a manual Windows Update, hopefully it will load the necessary drivers here and try plugging it right back.

Actually I have the same problem.

I’m using Win7 x64 (updated).

I can’t get the Extreme 16GB # SDCZ80-016G-X46 to be detected by Unetbootin.

I have formatted it, used Disk Mamnagement, used Diskpart., nothing.

Is there a secure hidden partition on the drive? If there is, how can it be removed?

I can’t get the Extreme 16GB # SDCZ80-016G-X46 to be detected by Unetbootin.”

Does the drive show up in Windows Explorer as Removable or Fixed?  Windows 8 has a new standard that requires flash drives to be configured as Fixed rather than Removable. and many new flash drives are now being made that way.  Older apps which require Removable drives need to be updated to support the new Windows 8 requirement.

"Is there a secure hidden partition on the drive?"

There wasn’t when it was manufactured.  After your formating and Diskparting I can’t say.

I solved my problem, the issue was with Unetbootin.

How did you resolve the problem?  Fixed Unetbootin, used a different app?


The drive was showing up fine in Windows, it was just that Unetbooting (v585) would refuse to ‘find’ in its own menu.

Turns out that was because Unetbooting recognised I was trying to use Ubuntu 13.10 which it dosn’t support (and it tries to prevent the user by not allowing them to select a USB drive).

I was having the same trouble.  Unetbootin wouldn’t recognize my fancy new SanDisk extreme thumbdrive.

However, I didn’t have the same problem when running it on Linux.  So, my solution was to use a different thumbdrive (actually a SanDisk SD card in a USB card reader…), which Unetbootin would recognize under Windows, to create a bootable Linux drive.

I then used that device to boot into Linux.  Once running in Linux, I installed Unetbootin, reformatted the new thumbdrive as FAT32 (it was already formatted as FAT32, but it didn’t work the first time so I reformatted it to get it working), and then used Unetbootin to install Mint to the drive.  

It works quite well now.