Extreme Pro 128GB SDCZ880-128G not visible in Windows anymore

Hi all,

My Sandisk USB Extreme Pro 128GB SDCZ880-128G is not visible on any Windows PC anymore. It was working fine yesterday.

I’ve tried 4 different PC’s (both Windows 7 & 10). I hear the USB sound (when plugging in the USB stick) but nothing shows up in Explorer or Device Manager. Sandisk SSD Dashboard cannot see the device either. I’ve also tried MiniTool Partition Wizard and Crystal Disk Info. The drive is just not seen on any of them programs.

I’m guessing this has become faulty all of a sudden. It’s not even 1 year old and has had VERY little use.

Can anyone have any recomendations on a different Windows tool I could use to try and recover the device, or is it simply going to be a warranty claim?

Thank you in advance.

You’ve done good with your debuggin Nilz76.  If it doesn’t work in multiple pcs it’s definately the drive and not the pc or Windows.  You could try it with a Linux system, a live one.  But a warantee replacement seems to be in your future.

Thanks Ed_P, I’ll log a warranty claim with Sandisk. Cheers

Hi there, hopefully you could recover your data.

A month ago, it happened the same to me with my 16 GB SanDisk Extreme card, I could not use any software because it was not even readable by any PC nor laptop.  I did not keep any receipt because I tend to keep them only for the devices. I was  totally hopeless but thankfully I found oon line the best data recovery service company, Recoverfab. They recovered 100% of my data in a couple of days and for a very economic price. Those pics and videos had a sentimental value for me and I really thought I had lost everything. Can’t be happier with their services, to be honest. They are so good.

Just to be clear Monica you don’t need a receipt to return a damaged SanDisk drive to SanDisk for a replacement.

Also your posting reads like spam.