Sandisk Extreme 16gb flash drive not working

Hi guys, I’m having some issues with my extreme flash drive. It was working perfectly up until a day ago, since then I’ve been unable to get my computer to recognise it. 

I plug it into a usb port and the indicator light on the drive comes on for about 1-2 seconds then turns off. Windows doesn’t even start to recognise it. There’s no indication of an issue in Device Manager. I’ve tried on 3 different computers, usb 2 and usb 3 ports, the same thing happens everywhere.

Is my drive broken?


Is my drive broken?

Possibly.  Or the contacts are dirty/oxidized.  See if clearing them with a pencil eraser helps.  If it doesn’t I do hope you have backups of your files.

Nope. Cleaning the contacts didn’t help. I think it’s dead :frowning:

Do you know what the requirements are to get it replaced under warranty?

Sorry to hear of your lost. 

Check out this link:

I’d suggest to contact chat support here. You can also check with the reseller as an alteernative. Usually, they will provide you with a replacement unit given the fact tat it’s under warranty and legitimate for a hardware failure.