Flash drive will suddenly stop working wo reason

Hello everyone, 

I’ve looked online, there are plenty of answers to “My flash drive isn’t recognized,” but I haven’t found one for my issue - so here goes:

I have a SanDisk Ultra 128gb USB 3.0.

I have it plugged into a work computer, and use it for music, mostly.

It’ll work fine for hours, 30 minutes, etc…then all of a sudden I’ll get an error message telling me that 

“Drive is not recognized”


“Errors were found on your drive, please repair”


…Something similar.

Every.single.time, either it repairs the drive, there are no errors found, or it just starts working again.


Is this a driver issue?

Is there something on the machine (work computer), that is kicking it out b/c it might contain malware?

Is it an issue of formatting? 

I have a hard time believing I got a lemon, I’ve owned many SanDisk products and they all work quite well. The computer and drive are brand new, it cannot be an issue of dust or dirt or something on the connections. 

Has anyone experienced the same issue, can someone help?

Thank you!

Does this only happen on your work computer? I would test with other computers to see if a similar issue happens. 

I have not tested it elsewhere, no. 

Good first step. Thank you for your suggestion.