USB Flash Drive shows up as a Local Disk (again?)

Hey. I just bought SanDisk Extreme PRO USB 3.2 Solid State Flash Drive 512GB. When I insert it to my PC, it shows up as a Local Disk instead of Removable USB Drive. Also have older Extreme Pro with 256GB and it works as any other ‘Removable Drive’. Are all those newer USB 3.2 Flash Drives the same and they show up as Local Disk? Anyone with the same issue? or maybe its because of the size that large and has to be local disk? I know SanDisk produced usb flash drives that show up as local disk in the past, and now it looks like they’re coming back… Ughh…

Yes, this sux. Why are they going back to making them local disk again? We have bought alot of these to use for windows deployment. But it wont work because installation thinks the USB flash drives are the disk to install on. Sandisk should release firmware that makes them as “removable drive”

I have a ssd disk in a USB case and it shows up as a hard drive not a removable drive. It’s possible SanDisk is using ssd technology for some of their flash drives. Or it could be a Windows 10 thing. How big is your flash drive?

Where did you buy these flash drives? Are they 512GB?

They are bought from techdata, they are 128GB.

Lexar has a tool to flip the removable bit called “Bootit”. Why hasn’t Sandisk made a tool like this ? Doesn’t look there are any tool for sandisk that works.

And there wasn’t muich help to get from sandisk’s support

"I understand you wish to change the way your device is recognized by your operating system.

In this case, I advise you to contact your operating system support. Unfortunately, this is not something we can change."

Doesn’t look like they understand, it has nothing to do about the operating system. The operating system gets the information from USB’s firmware controller.

Well it’s true, SanDisk Tech Support can’t change the drive, but the operating system does play a role. Are your drivers current? What OS are you running?

It has nothing to do with drivers, even the BIOS detects it as hard drive. SanDisk can change the firmware on the controller, it controll how the pc detects the USB drive.

I tried that Lexar tool, but no luck. It probably work for older flash drives up to 32GB.
I bet SanDisk has such a program but they won’t release it to the public.
Also contacted SanDisk support regarding ‘Local Disk’ and the size.
Its 460GB, but should be around 476GB. (512GB equals 476GiB).
For the ‘Local Disk’ issue they provide me link to SD customer support site
For size issue they want me to format the drive with HP Format Tool, which I couldn’t do because the program crashed all the time. And NO there was no hidden partition or unallocated space.
I ended up returning the flash drive, waiting for refund.

This is indeed very annoying.
I want to use it on a embedded device which only look for removable storage so it won’t see my Sandisk external SSD.
It seems that there is no solution for this? Are there other brands like Samsung who do know how to create these devices?

Do You have external SSD or flash drive like Extreme PRO? Whats the size?