Sandisk Extreme removable vs. fixed

I am looking at purchasing the Sandisk Extreme USB flash drive but according to a large number of the reviews it is incompatible with Windows and does not appear as a removable drive or vice versa. I don’t fully understand this issue, is anyone familiar with it? Everything else I’ve read about the drive is excellent. Is there another USB flash drive you would recommend over it? I will be using it almost exclusively for storing and playing movies on my XBox. Thanks!

according to a large number of the reviews it is incompatible with Windows

That is simply not true.  

Some people use USB drives to boot Windows To Go and that function requires the USB drive to be a fixed disk, Sandisk gave up making USB drives as fixed disk several years ago.

So only half of the initial posting was addressed. The compatability comment is almost silly.

There is a frustrating problem that the initial poster noted with these drives. The fixed disk drive (FDD) configuration cannot be changed, even if you wipe this using DD in linux. I’m no expert with USB drives but I sustpect that this is built into the firmware or into the controller mechanism. I bought this USB drive with the sole intent of using it as a multiboot linux installer. I paid a premium for the speed. Very disappointing. I’ve read that the SDCZ880 has resolved this issue. I’ll pass. Fortunately my HyperX DT Extreme worked after zeroing the drive so I have a comparable drive that is just as fast and works as a removalbe drive after zeroing it.