Change Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0 usb drive to removable drive instead of static.

Hello I have bought a Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0 becaouse I am gonna use it in my Zotac Zbox and install OpenElac and use it with Xbox Media Center (XBMC) and isted of buying a hard drive a bought a fast USB memory insted.

But for that Sandisk Extreme in the driver has set the USB drive as a removable drive in Windows insted Sandisk has chosen to set it as a static drive. Sow therefore the OpenELEC cannot find the USB stick in my computer so therefore its extremly important for me to change it as a removable drive insted or otherwise, i cannot use the USB stick at all and have to return it to the store.

So therefore I am extremly thankfull to anyone who have a solution for my problem.

Greetings Johan

pls change my pendrive

this was done for Windows 8 cvertifacation. you cant change the drive to removable. Microsoft requires fixed disk for Win 8 cert. 

I understand this change was made for Windows 8 Certification, but as noted in the original post, it makes the drive functionally limited in previous version of Windows, including Windows 7.  I purchased two 8GB Switch drives to use with Microsoft’s Windows 7 USB Tool.  I’ve used the Switch drives successfully for this before, but these new Switch drives are Windows 8 compatible “fixed drives”, so the Windows Tool does not recognise them as USB drives and cannot use them.

In looking at this problem, I’ve noted several other tools and utilities that cannot use these Windows 8 “fixed drives” as USB drives.

These Windows 8 certified SanDisk drives now have reduced functionality under previous versions of Windows.  This is somewhat of a limitation, as most of us are still running previous versions of Windows.

So … I’m off to find another brand of USB drive, one that is still “removable”.

Have you considered writing to Microsoft and asking them to patch their Windows 7 USB Tool to work with their new Windows 8 compatible “fixed drives”?

BTW The steps described in this link don’t seem to be limited to removable USB drives.  Have you tried them?

I followed the instructions in the link above and it properly reformatted my USB drive.  However it is still recognized as a Local Disk.  Is there any way for me to change this to a Removable Disk so that Windows Media Player will recognize the device?

If not, I think SanDisk should put warning labels on these products so that we do not buy this version and run into these issues.