sandisk extreme 64gb usb 3.0 flash drive problem

Hi,My sandisk extreme USB drive is recognized as hard drive, which shows up in the Hard Disk Drives section instead of Removable Storage section. I wonder how to fix this. Although it does not affect any normal usage with this drive, but it is just strange.

ps. I am using windows 7 x64 ultimate

SanDIsk was making Fixed drives rather than Removable for awhile when it was trying to support MS’s Windows 8 to Go functionality.  There is no fix or option to switch it’s design around.

I have just ordered a San Disk Extreme 64 gb [New  Version]. Will this be a fixed or removable drive. I’m hoping removable. I am lead to believe the format is exFat on it, is that correct ? Any draw backs to exFat ? Thank You for your response.

Hi everyone! Please, could I install the security application (encryption data) if in the usb drive there are already some files, as in my case? Thanks 

I believe you can.  The install formats the drive so the existing files shouldn’t be a problem.

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I wouldn’t format…!