Sandisk Cruzer Contour don't recognize when attached into USB port

I used this: to remove it (U3). I used “No. All the data on the USB drive will be destroyed and cannot be recovered” and after formatting the setup said “The program encountered a critical error and must exit. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact SanDisk’s support center at”. Now if I put this Cruzer in USB port nothing will happen. “My computer” don’t show nothing. I was dreaming about 30Gb NTFS flash station… I don’t even know is it possible to get it with NTFS or is it FAT32 issue… but now it is like “I don’t have nothing”.

I solved it. Now it works Ok. Dream really came true. Forgeet this.

And what did you make to fix it ? My Cruzer Contour don’t recognize too !