32gb Cruzer stopped working

I bought a 32gb Cruzer on Friday (2 days ago). I used it on Friday and Saturday to back up some work data so I could do a fresh install on Win7. Tonight when I was attempting to finish moving data back the drive won’t work. I had used it about 4-5 hours ago without any issues.

When I plug it in the light flashes and I get the notification and sound that it was detected. Then it immediately vanishes and the light turns solid. I haven’t been able to find a way to get the drive to detect and stay that way. It would ■■■■ if I ended up with a defective item.

Do you see the drive(s) in the My Computer window?

Is the U3 drive password protected?  And if so is the password prompt window buried behind other windows?

Are you plugging directly into the pc or into a hub connected to the pc.

The drive does not show up. I’ve never seen any part of the U3 ui pop up, and directly into the pc. I am going to attempt an RMA and get sandisk to replace and recover it.

were you able to get your cruzer usb drive to start working? I have had the exact same problem and have an extreme amount of data on my drive.  Any help that you can offer would be appreciated.

Ed, any help that you can offer for my cruzer usb drive would be appreciated. I have used it for months but now when I plug it in, the light flashes as it recognizes it, then it just goes away and light goes off. Thank you.

hmmmm  Can you try it in a different pc?  Does it show up in My Computer as 2 drives?  Is it password protected? 

I have a 16GB Cruzr that does the same thing, lights solid for approximately 3 seconds then goes out and is NOT recognized by the computer. Plugged directly into the PC and does not show on My Computer. I get the same result whether it is Win XP or WIN 7 machine. I also have an extreme amount of data on it and if this uSB drive is DOA, where can I find a recovery program or service?

Ur drives seems to have failed, i know that sandisk does not provide data recovery… you can contact www.lc-tech.com , also call sandisk 866-sandisk to check for warranty