Cruzer 32gb no access, vanishes, all usual tests dont work

I was copying movies from phone to PC then to flash drive and it locked up. Had no choice but to reboot pc.Tested on 3 PCs. Various usb ports. Uninstalled and reinstalled drivers. Rebooted. Win 7, 10. Momentarily shows up in file mgr but once clicked on it vanishes comes up for a few micro seconds then completely goes away. No longer in device mgr or in administrative tools. Goes incognito. Cannot access even through DOS diskpart, list disk, chkdsk, or others like aomei or minitool. The drive cannot be partitioned or labelled. Gparted doesn’t even see it. Partition magic is linux based also and that doesnt see it. Sometimes in file mgr you can see the drive size but not its contents. Other times it shows up as fat32. Disk management sees it some times as healthy then it vanishes. File manager sees it until you try to access it and then it will pop up showing its contents then vanish in micro seconds. There is no volume on it at all. I was able to change the drive letter. Some software sees its actual size. Any attempt to access the drive has been impossible. Unless there is some real help other than what’s on the internet I’m lost. Fdisk32 no. Chkdsk no. Right click to format no. When I plug it into my media player it sees the USB and its contents of movies. But once I try to play a video then it locks up. I bought 2 of these at Walmart about a month ago. Not sure about the invoice but payment was done on a credit card. Need more info let me know. Please help

Hi @Alex.p,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the SD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

No. I did not. At this point I took it back for an exchange. If this happens again, I will buy a better quality thumb drive. I think the items coming from China are becoming cheaper made than ever but cost more money. I’ve had good experience with other brands. Sandisk will no longer be a product I would buy or recommend