Sandisk cruzer 32GB appears and disappears from Computer


i removed the Stick drive from the computer after this troubles starts.

inserting it to any computer just leaves the red light on and computer dont see the device at all.

Control Panel sees the device for a second or two then device disapears.

pressing Properites on device in Control panel its start with “The Device is working properly”

then “The device is not connected”

i dont to restore the data i just want to restore the Stick to operation condition.

Thank you 

IMO It sounds like something got shorted out on the Cruzer or a low power situation for your computers.  If the former, and the Cruzer is relatively new it should be under warrantee and replaceable.

i dont have i warrenty anymore 

so its means i can throw the device away cause it not fixable.

Some of these devices have life time warrantees, not all, check with the RMA before throwing it away. 

Also check this thread:

You may have a conflicting app running.