SanDisk Cruzer USB (64GB) Not Responding?


If it isn’t explained in the title, basically, here’s my issue;

I’ve recently used my SanDisk USB about 4 - 5 hours ago, and It was working Flawlessly,
But then I’ve recently gone back to use it and it just doesn’t work?

I’m not receiving an error message saying it’s not recognized either, it’s just not working, In detail;

The RED Indicational light flashed for about half a second, and then it just stops, and nothing happens, The device isn’t posting or sending any errors or signal to the device in general.

If you have any suggestions on how to retrieve my data, please let me know how.

If you are referring to a Windows system I would suggest using the Windows Safely Remove option, usually in the Task Bar near the clock on the right, then shutting down Windows, removing the USB drive, then rebooting, and when Windows is fully up reinserting the USB drive.

Have you tried the drive in another PC to see if same issue occurs or if it’s just on one PC? I had this happen to my 8GB Cruzer, it would work in other PCs but for some reason not mine. Unfortunately, my 8GB Cruzer locked to read-only (drive failed) so I’m pending RMA from SanDisk to be shipped to me at this time. If you have the same issue on other PCs I would say that the drive may have died. I would recommend opening an RMA if so to get yourself a replacement!