SanDisk 16GB Cruzer not working...!!!!! please help...!!!


i am using a Sandisk 16GB cruzer since last 5 years but i have never encountered a problem before. but recently when i have plugged into my desktop to copy some files, while unpacking the zipped folders from the downloads into my cruzer, suddenly it got flashed up and i donno what exatly it happened in there but i could see nothing in “my Devices window”. i have tried unplugging n connecting it again but it never detected my USB cruzer…!!! :crying_cat_face: when i have tried it in my laptop it just showed up for 2 seconds in “my computer” list and disappeared…!!! holy cow…!! i donno wat exactly happened to it but i have loads of data  in there.

please kindly help me to retrieve my data caz it is soo important as i have all my files in it. i really appreciate your expertise in dealing with these malfunctioned devices. thanks a ton…!!!

Hi All, I had the same issue with my ScanDisk 2Gb driver, been using it for years but it suddenly stopped working and is no longer detected in the ‘devices manager’. Had a lot of data on it too, I tried it on 2 different computers but is no longer detected.


Sorry to break this to you but looks like you got a dead stick. Try plugging this in on at least 4 desktops/laptops.

Hi guys, I posted this before. This video shows clearly what needs to be done. On these Sandisks connector pins starts to develop cracks in the soldering and lose ability to initialize because of that. Reattaching the connector by individual wires/ resoldering is the solution to your problems. Watch the video it shows it all:

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sandisk cruzer not recognized