My flash drive won't work.

I’ve been on the forums for a couple hours now, but had to register to get further help. Through all the suggestion on how to fix my cruzer pop none have worked and this has left me frustrated. I’ve done all methods at least 3 times, which include going to device manager and uninstalling both the disk drives and universal serial bus controllers, where my USB is found and uninstalling that, then reinstalling both. Nothing seems to work. When on my laptop my USB comes up as unknown device, and fails to be recognized. Up until a couple days ago it was working fine, now its not working. Please help me fix it, I’m a student and I have important work on it that has to be handed in, in a couple days.



Fact: Electronics fail. Usually when you least expect them to and without warning. Your card is most likely done. You will have to get a new one. Hopefully, you did the smart thing and backed the files on it somewhere else for just such a contingency.

:neutral_face: any other suggestions? i tried it in another computer, but its asking me to format it. is there any hope?

Through all the suggestion on how to fix my cruzer pop none have worked

is there any hope?”

Of fixing it, probably not based on what you’ve said.  Of getting it replaced, yes.

BTW Things that can ruin a flash drive; extreme heat, power surges, low power, quick removals on a slow machine.

IF you do a Quick format of the flash drive, then try a free file recovery app, you might be able to recover your files.  But that is a long shot.

Free recover apps, free to download AND free to recover files. 

Just to isolate things and may be worth it to try, can you plug it in on other PCs? See if it recognizes. Doing a Windows updates might be of help here but really a low percentage.