32gb Cruzer stopped working

My 32Gb Cruzer lights when connect to pc, but not recognised by computer.  How to recover data / how to make pc to recognise it?

Just to verify, this device work on this same computer, is that correct? You might want to try plugging this to a different PC or notebook or see how it goes. Drivers might got corrupted on this PC. 

Good luck. 

Mine lights up for a bit, then shuts off. It won’t stay connected long enough for Windows to mount it (on machines I’ve used it with before) or install drivers (new machines). SanDisk support said I needed to replace it. Which I did, with a $50 64GB Cruzer from Amazon.

Fortunately I backed up the whole drive with DropboxPortableAHK. If you can’t get anything to work, and the files on your drive are important, flashdrivepros.com will recover them for probably less than SanDisk’s recommended company.