[urgent help] My Cruzer cannot be detected by the PC and no light is on

I plugged in the 8gb cruzer USB flash drive, but it cannot be detected and the light is still off.

What should I do to recover the flash drive or recover the data in it?

Please help me…There are many assignments and project files in it:womansad:

Have you tried other USB ports and/or a different computer?

yes, i have done so but still not work…

i also tired to find the device in the device manager but i cannot see my flash drive.:womansad:

Try shutting down your computer. Now plug the Cruzer into the USB port and power up the computer. See if it will be recognized this way.

it’s still not work. it cannot be detected and the light is not on.

Sorry then, I got nothing else to suggest except calling SanDisk Tech Support. Hopefully, they can help.