Cruzer Contour 8GB Damaged

This driver was in use with a word file opened and when my daughter tried to save it to the drive she noticed that the light on the drive was not on and the drive was inaccessible.  I noticed that the drive looked in an awkward position in the port; that is to say that it was elevated vertically upward to maybe five degrees while still in the port.  Is it possible that the physical connection within the drive on the connector was broken due to it being bumped? Or could it just be a drive or software failure?  My daughter is in distress because all her work for this last college semester is on this drive which she has not backed up to her backup drive nor her working rented PC.  This now stresses me out and I’m looking for an expert technician to check this out and proceed to recover the data for her.  Time is of the essence!  I live in Calgary, Alberta Canada and will be going to a data recovery company tomorrow morning.  Does anyone have any recommendations or ideas as to what may be the problem?  




Is the machine it’s plugged into a pc?  Is it running a version of Windows?  Is the machine a laptop or desktop?  I suspect the former.  Does the machine go into hibernate mode regularly? 

Have you shut the machine down?  Not a power off but a controlled OS shutdown.  With the machine shutdown have you removed the Cruzer and rebooted?  Once rebooted did you plug the Cruzer back in?  Did it work then?

Hibernation mode on Windows based desktop machines has never been good as far as reactivating everything when coming out of hibernation.  On laptops much better but a brief power interruption can make some things fail to reactivate.


Thankyou for your interest.


The drive was used in in my daughter’s laptop pc running Windows7 Version unknown right now.   Upon failure it was removed from the usb port and re-inserted and failed to appear and the light did not come on at all.  I then took and inserted it into the usb on my own pc running Windows 7 as well and again the light did not come on nor appear on drive E:.  I tried this numerous times with the same result.   Since then I have mailed it off to Re-store Data Inc in Vancouver on Friday the 15th, as I believe if anyone can repair and or recover the data they should be able to (only because of their website info).  They offer 48 hr service at a premium of at cost + 100% if data is recovered.  Unfortunately it appeared as if they had a local lab here in Calgary and when I went to the address I found that it was a UPS location, and they are contracted to ship drives to the Lab in Vancouver.  Being under duress I reluctantly filled out a work order to have the drive shipped to Vancouver hoping to have an evaluation done quickly and at best have the data back early next week.  I called them on Saturday, and they had not received the package yet.   They emailed me back and said the had received it and now had to get it to the lab (go figure) which probably wouldn’t happen until Monday. On that note I am eagerly awaiting to hear from them …I don’t even know what to expect as far as what they will charge.  I will post again on the progress.

Thank you for the update.  Looking forward to hearing Monday’s and I hope it is good news.

RestoreData.Inc got back to me and said there was severe electrical damage and a broken usb connector on the drive. They then quoted me $400 for economy(6 day return), $600 for priority (4 day service), or premium $800 for (two day service).  And zero cost (plus shipping) for zero data recovery with return of drive as is.  Having been under duress I went for the three day service and they started right away.  I received a call on the third working day and they had recovered all the data (<900mb).  They compressed the data, emailed me some files to check out, and after payment and checking some files for corruption I received all the recovered data the same day as they confirmed payment.  They will also send me two DVDs of data and the original usb drive.  All in all, they provided good service and all the promised.  I’m only dissappointed in the minimum cost of $400 for less then 1Gb of data even though it is the same cost of recovery as a full hard drive failure. Any way it was my choice to go for the priority recovery.  I’ve since purchased an external WD hardrive for my daughter to use, and insist that she also backup to an off site drive as well as another usb drive.  Hopefully she will find work soon after graduation and help with the costs!


Wow!!  Thanks for the update john_dip.  Very happy to hear you recovered all of your daughter’s files.

Do you have a URL/link for the company you dealt with?  Others might need their expertice at some point also.


I plugged my 8GB USB in a car plug port. After a short time I unplugged it & when I plugged it in a PC USB port but the USB is not  displayed in computer. When I unplugged it again from PC USB port, the USB is hooted. My personal & most important data is in it. Please tell me what can I do to get all the data from my 8GB USB…


Muhammad Asif Raza.

If trying the Cruzer in other pcs doesn’t help and your files are important you need to look for a professional recovery service.