New Cruzer Switch not working

The flash drive was used to watch movies on the Television. I removed it to erased two files to to make room for others. The new file was about 60% when I stepped out of the room for a minute. When I got back the following was on the screen This is no longer located on the computer. Verify item location and try again. All of the files that were on the drive were gone The computer recognizes the drive as 'K", but properties window shows zero bytes used, and Zero bytes free. Can someone give me an idea of what is going on? Thanks

"Can someone give me an idea of what is going on?"

Something happened while you were out of the room.  Power surge, power drop, cat walked on the cruzer while it was plugged in, windows did a reboot to apply a patch, short in the USB port, short in the USB drive, etc. etc.

Check the various Windows Logs; Application, System, they may give a clue.  Try running a CHKDSK on the Cruzer.  If that doesn’t work consider replacing the device.  If under warrantee its a free replacement.

Possibly try to plug this in on a different computer and see if it makes a difference. Also, have you tried to reformat this? Since you can still see this as a drive?

Good suggestion.  I put it in an old laptop I have and everything was there.   I have printers and an Iomega external drive running off my USB ports.   Do flash drives need something special?  What should I check?


If you are running those printers, IOmega drive and the Cruzer all via a USB hub it’s possible the hub isn’t able to supply all the devices with sufficient power.  Try Safely Removing a device or two, rebooting and then trying the Cruzer.

It’s also possible there is a drive letter conflict, two USB devices trying to use the same drive letter.  A somewhat common problem with Windows.  Try changing the Cruzer’s drive letter.  Or the IOmega drive’s drive letter.  Reboot to set the changes.