Extreme USB3.0 16G, 32G not working, very disappointed

I have been a long term SanDisk USB Flash Drive user used to use the Cruzer Contour since more than 5 years ago and still own 3 Contours. 4 months ago I switched to Extreme USB 3.0 16G drive and the nightmare began. I had reformatted the 16G drive at least 3 times because it kept having corrupted data and then the last time it simply refused to format again and died. That was 1.5 months ago. I went to the distributor and traded myself an Extreme 32G drive. Just today, it refused to be recognized by any USB2.0 ports. One of my computers has both USB2.0 ports and USB3.0 ports, the 32G drive simply not showing when plugged into the USB2.0 ports while no problem with USB3.0 ports, however the drive is warming up considerably reaching ~35 deg C. Very disappointed now I have to take it back and exchange again. A long term customer deciding to switch brand. Using Win 7 Ultimate , Win 7 Home Premium and Win Vista Home Basic, all have the same problem.

Sorry to see this. Since that is a brand new replacement, I’m pretty much sure that the store can definitely give you a brand new one too. Try to test it out there first before bringing it home.

I did that last time, the problem was it started after a month or so, so unpredictable and unreliable. And the trip to get it replaced takes 25 minutes one way.

Returning it to SanDisk will take longer but the replacement will most likely be from a different batch and should not have the problem.


Just 1 question: how many more Extreme Flash Drive should I try? Warranty is life time but so what? Losing data? Back up the whole drive everyday? Everyday stressful hoping it won’t fail today? What is the point here?

Obviously no one can answer my question becasue there is no guarantee of the product quality of the Extreme series, period.

Obviously, you chose and worded questions that no one could answer. 

What exactly did you expect as a response? :confounded: