Is this there any guy can help me???

My SanDisk Cruzer Contour 16GB couldn’t work from last week.

I reported this to the customer service,And all trial to repair this device failed.

At the end,they said,we no longer mafufacture this model of flash drive on this planet,so we will replace your Cruzer Contour 16GB with an Ultra Backup 16GB.

I really care about the flash drive’s writing speed.And after searching through internet,I know the speed of Cruzer Contour 16GB is about “writing 18MB/s,reading 23MB/s” and Ultra Backup 16GB “writing 13MB/s,reading 25MB/s”.

I also found in “SanDisk Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty (except EMEA)” SanDisk claimed that “SanDisk may at its option repair this product or provide you with an equivalent product; and if unable to repair or replace the product, will refund the purchase price.”

But while I am viewing this page

I saw there is some thing so familar to me.

Is SDCZ40-016G-A11 a equivalent product to SDCZ8-016G-A75?

If SanDisk really can’t find a Cruzer Contour 16GB for RMA?