Ultra micro SD died

I got the card tow months a go with my new Galaxy S3 and suddenly it has stopped with no any reason and I did not use 20% of it and not detected even by my PC I paid more money for SanDisk I thought it is the best quality but unfortunately it didn’t even good for two months :( 


32 Ultra micro sd 

If you google the problem, it seems a lot of S3 owners are having the same issue. Some believe the S3 itself is killing the card.

Does SamSung have a forum? You might find out more about it there.

My 64GB SDXC just did the same with my GoPro Hero3… when I try to format it on my mac, it just keeps adding time and nothing happens. Says the partition is only 32MB too! on my PC it says the partition is 30.6MB and nothing you can do will successfully format it.

exactly the same things for me. Died after 3 hours of use. 64GB micro sdcx from sandisk isjust bull sheet.

Sandisk must reimburse all the customers it’s totally uncredible a company like sandisk can produce a so defective product.

I lost my video from my gopro hero3 because of it. I am furious. I will never purchase a sandisk product again.

Apparently Sandisk have implemented a fix in the manufacturing process so I can’t really see how Samsung are to blame, have a look at this sketchy article. Seems a little rich to insist we pay the postage for what is a manufacturing fault mind you.

It appears that replacement cards being sent out are still the same hardware revision (rev 8), because of the continued silence of SanDisk on this issue, as to when the fix was implemented or how to tell if your new card is affected, I’d recommend users getting a refund from the retailer they bought the card off and buying a replacement made by a different manufacturer. I can’t understand what SanDisk hope to gain from their continued silence on the matter