My 32GB Ultra SDHC Micro SD Card Has Completely Died On Me.

I recieved this card from Amazon on September 27th and now after less than two months, it went dead. I bought it to use in my Samsung Galaxy SIII and it worked great. Very fast speeds and the obvious storage space. I used it for storing music, videos, and pictures. Today I was listening to music that was stored on the SD card and in the middle of a song the SD card died and my music stopped. Now I can’t get the card to register on anything. It doesn’t show up on my phone, PC, or tablet. It is completely dead.

Is there any way I can have this card replaced? Like I said, it isn’t even two months old and I would be happy to send the card back along with the adapter that came with it.

Call SanDisk Tech Support for an RMA# (Return Merchadise Authorization).