SanDisk Ultra 32Gb micro SD not working at all ?


My phone and laptop do not recognise my 32GB Sandisk SD Card.  When I put in another SD card both the phone and laptop recognise it.  I never took the SD Card out from my phone before and my phone hasn’t been anywhere odd or damaging.

Can someone help ? I’m very disapointed to see it fail like this.  What can I do ?

** I bought it from and not a third party so I don’t think its a fake


Any ideas what to do with my SDCARD? 

This forum is a joke

This is a user’s forum. It is not an official SanDisk support forum, so only the Admin stops in occasionally for house-keeping duties, etc.

Sadly if no one has an answer to your question, they typically won’t reply and say “sorry, can’t help you”, or “I don’t know”.

It doesn’t sound good for your card, but I would contact Sandisk Tech Support directly. If the card is defective, they will replace it under warranty. I assume, given you ordered this card from Amazon.UK that you are somewhere in the EU. Note, the above link defaults to the North America Contact info, but there’s a tab for Europe with various centers depending on where you are.

Good luck!