My 32 GB micro SD card stopped working.

I noticed my phone started giving error messages recently in certain areas such as updating apps, and I looked in my settings and my SD card is not recognized. I tried putting the SD card into the card reader it came with and putting it into my computer, also nothing showed up. I tried cleaning the metal edges of the micro SD card, putting it back into my phone, and rebooting my phone a few times but nothing a seems to work. If someone could help me fix this problem it would be great because I have personal files and photos on the device.


in that case where the card is not detected by any device anymore you cannot do much with the card. in the case where you like to recover your photos from the card you can contact a data recover company or a friend that knows how to recover data from flash memory

for the replacement you can go tothe place of purchase or contact the sandisk support for warranty replacement.