8GB Sandisk MicroSDHC card not working at all anymore

Looking for help with a malfunctioning 8GB MicroSDHC card of mine.

I got the card about three months ago, and it worked fine on multiple computers, even with an old mp3 player of mine.

Suddenly, about a week ago, it effectively died on me. It was working fine when connected to my comp before safely removed, then when returning home and reconnecting again, it’s suddenly dead.
I’ve tried it on 6 computers with various OSs, with 4 card readers and with the mp3 player - none can even recognize that it’s attached/plugged in, let alone access the files inside

I’ve already pretty much given up on saving the files on the card, right now i’m hoping there might be a solution to get it recognized, so I can hopefully format it and get it working again (not exactly in a place where it’s easy, or cheap for that matter, to get a new one)

Any suggestions?