Card Access Error

We purchased an 8GB SDHC Sandisk card a few months ago. We tried to use it last night and we get the error “Card Access Error”. We reformatted in the camera, but it still does not work, same error. We tried to use the card in 2 different readers and still get the error message.

Is there anyway to get this card to work, would it be replaced under warranty? These cards are not cheap and I would hate to know we just wasted all the money for a card that will not work. Any suggestions? Thanks.

SanDisk provides a 5 year warranty on their MicroSDHC memory cards. I’d call SanDisk Tech Support. If it’s determined the card is defective, they can arrange for a new one to be sent to you.

Thank you. I will give them a call.

I’m starting to love sandisk! They are very accurate in giving answers.