Sandisk Compact flash failure


i have recntly had 2 sandisk compact flash card fail on me. the latest being yesterday. i noticed in time to run it through recovery software and im hoping the iamges will all be found but the first time i didnt realise for a few days, in which time the cards had been back though my cameras a few times and formatted (as i normally do) between jobs/downloads.

being a professional photographer i rely on my memory cards just as much as my cameras and lenses so they are an essential part of my kit bag but i have now lost all trust with the brand. 

i use canon 1D IV camera (not sure if that has an effect), and im wondering if anyone has had similar problems.

i have sent a ‘question’ to sandisk as this is the only way (except phone) i can find to contact them online, and awaiting a reply.

the cost to change all my cards to another brand will be well over £150 but at the moment that seems like the only sensible option.

would very much appreciate anyones comments or experiences with similar problems