Extreme CF 32gb card failure

Hi Guys, 

I went out today to shoot with an older Canon camera that I haven’t used in a few years.  Batteries all charged, card ready to go, etc.  Shot for about an hour.  Was able to preview and assumed all was well.  Came home, put the card into the external reader and it says that it’s corrupt.  Put it back in the camera, same.  Any ideas?  Starting here first, since it’s a SanDisk.  I did do a search in this community and saw a lot of feedback in regards to searching the web and replacing the card.  Looking for a few other options :smiley:

Update: I downloaded Rescue Pro evaluation scan and it’s saying that the file is corrupted and unreadable.  Any other options? Thanks

I ended up using a company recommended by another user on a different thread that worked fabulously.  The name is EaseUS Data Recovery and I successfully recovered 145 photos for free (they recover up to 500mb) and I’m more than thrilled.  Rescue Pro wanted about $300 as well as sending it in. I highly recommend EaseUS!