SanDisk Extreme Pro CFexpress Card Keeps Getting Corrupted with my Photos

Hi There,
I have a Canon 1DX Mark III. When I purchased this Camera, I received the Card and Reader. I have had the Card corrupt numerous times when I plug the card into the reader and the reader into my computer (I have two and it happens with both - Windows 10 Newer computers). It does not recognize any volume and tells me I have to reformat my card. One time my computer asked me if I wanted Windows to repair the card and it worked great - got all my photos! I don’t know how to have Windows do that though. I also downloaded the Recovery Software from Sandisk and that is not helpful at all. Any help if greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance. Also, I always reformat the card in the camera before I take any photos and do not delete any photos on the card in the camera. Thanks in advance. DeeDee


It seems the your card has been corrupted.

We request to contact the technical support for more information.