My Ultra 64gb card seems to have died.

I have a Gopro Hero3 black with a micro SDHC 64Gb class 10 card which was working without fault until today.

After I removed the card to remove the files I’d made but my PC will not “see it” and when I returned the card to my gopro it says SD error.

Any ideas welcome.

This is my exact situation as well. Gopro hero 3 black, 64gb ultra sandisk. Had been working fine, suddenly dies today. Shows as 30.6mb size when I try to format, and nothing will successfully format it.

Got the exact same problem. Got a hero 3 black with a 64 gig micro sd card. Worked fine, for a day, then it died and when i try to format it, my mac says it only has 31 mb available.

And i tried to format it in the gopro as well… but no luck.

Have the same problem but with my Mac Book Pro and Windows Laptop.

I actually have a Samsung Ultrabook with a MicroSD-Slot, where i used the San Disk Mobile Ultra 64 GB micro SDXC as second drive (SSD only 64 GB).  As i had to send my Samsung Laptop for a service, i borrowed a Mac Book Pro from school, which has a SD slot. I used the SD adapter to try if it worked there and until yesterday it had been working great. Today neither the MBP nor my girlfriends Windows Laptop with SD Slot are recognizing the content.

Mac Book Pro says that the Medium couldn’t be read. The Apple SDXC Reader Media recognizes only a 32.1MB card. Only Option: Formatting.

Windows Laptop says the card couldn’t be read and only option is to format it. 

As the card has very new stuff on it, i would prefer not to format it :stuck_out_tongue:

Any suggests? Why are so many people having these days the same problems with this card?

The same happened to me. Was on ski holliday in austria. No memories. Spent over  600 euro and have nothing and ski holliday is over. 

I have had exactly the same problem. After using my Ultra 64GB card for 2 days it stpoed working. Could re-format it and after a couple of hours it was dead again and now I can not eaven see it?

same problem here, gopro black, 64GB ultra.

I took it in to a data recovery place today and how’s this, they already had a job with the exact same card (and camera)  !!!

they said there was very little chance of getting data off (and vastly expensive) as the controller chip is either corrupted or defective.

so much for sandisk reliability !

Same thing happened to me the other day after an epic day of powder riding. I am so bummed. SanDisk, I think its time to address this issue.

Sent mine back and got a new one :wink:

But does that one work??

I had Two 64Gb cards, and both have stuffed up after one use, same issue as all users above.

Come on Sandisk, what’s going on?? Should we only be using 32 Gb cards max in our Hero 3’s or is there some other issue?

Your silence on this topic is deafening…

It appears there are so many people in the same boat, including me, its almost a cruise liner. Its been ok since I got it around two weeks ago and suddenly I can’t format it and no other device recognise it.

Same thing here. Worked ok for while. Now when I plug it in it’s like plugging in an empty case…  Has any one responded to these posts yet? Sounds like a product defect for sure

Any problems with the new one…Yet…  Do you trust it?

The same for me also. Sent the card back and got a new one. The problem persist.

I have the exact same issues:

I was using my gopro hero 3 Black edition - got it for Christmas. Everything was fine once I had the right drivers on my PC (still using an XP). I used it last 3 weeks ago, then decided to use it yesterday for the first time. I charged the camera up - then turned it on, it gave me the NO SD error.
What I did: I took it out of the camera and put it into the card reader: it was like I had a blank card reader.

When I connect it via the camera, the computer says it needs to format it.

I tried formatting it via the camera, and after it formats it, it says SD error. BTW, lost a lot of good video too, that I viewed on my computer (so I knew there was stuff on it) but stupidly never transferred to my hard drive - thanks gopro or Sandisk: whomever is at fault here…

I tried formatting it via the camera, but on the computer (on both my XP and Windows 7 machine), and they both go through the formatting process only to say that it can’t format the card.

What is disturbing is that neither GoPro nor Sandisk are saying ANYTHING about this on their web sites: what is going on???

After a bit of back and forth with standard cut and paste responses I feel like i finally made someone at GoPro support understand that it wasn’t just a newbie firmware upgrade problem. There seemed to be a bit of  “oh, yes, there does actaully seem to be a few people with this problem” acknowledgment … so who knows. 

Still nothing from SanDisk.

I am also experiencing various problems with my 64GB micro SD. I purchased one back in December and immediately encountered read and write problems.

During my first attempt to use card I tried to transfer a bunch of files onto the card using a card reader but within the first few seconds the transfer was interrupted as the card disconnected itself from the computer. When i tried to connectthe card it found errors and asked me to do a disk check.  I then reallized I could only transfer one single file at at a time but even then the card was unstable and randomly disconnects. When i tried to remove the files that were corrupted due to the interruption i found that the delete option was no longer avaliable in the right click menu.

So I took the card back to the store and sent it for replacement and a month later when i received the replacement ard I put that in to the card reader and…yes folks that too was also defective. When i contacted customer support AGAIN, they assured me that the millions have been sold world wide and there has not been many issue with it. I guess I must just be unlucky. I’m still in the process of trying to resolve the return issues and recover additional costs of dealing with this defective cards.

I too am extremely disappointed with my 64gb sandisk memory card that i purchased to record our dream vacation to Hawaii.

recorded hours of snorkeling and adventures only to have the card fail,now all our memory’s are just that. spent a small fortune on my gopro hero black edition and accessories for what? i tested it all out before our vacation and was working fine and then when i counted on it the most it fails…just get message on camera no sd…hook up to computer and it says i need to format disk…looking up the issue on the internet and i find a lot of people are having the same problem…with no solution…What do we do now?..lose more money trying another card…CLASS ACTION SUIT…to force solution?..Can we send disk to sandisk to recover files?

this is the disk that gopro recommends,so i went with that assuming that they had verified that was good

I am so disappointed 

Same here.  I filmed a week at Disney of my family only to have the card get corrupted on my GoPro Hero3 Black edition.  I’m very sad.  

Has anyone had any luck getting content off this card after this has happened to them?  At this point, this is what I care most about.

Just got home from vacation in Brazil. Among other things I’ve recorded my first ever dive and, more importantly, my friends first ever dive - she was SO exited to see it and show her family…  Also hiking through the forest, waterfalls, beautiful beaches etc. After arriving home (to Denmark) I could no longer read/write to the card - appears as 32MB capacity only. Gave it to a company, and they’ve just confirmed the controller is defective.

I was told there’s a company in England that might be able to fix it for around 700£. Considering that now, didn’t get the name though.

“Professional Cards” - what a joke