Help: Sandisk Ultra Micro SDXC I 64 GB

I’ve had this card matted to my GoPro Hero3 White for just under a year now and never had any problems until this spring. Thought it was my gopro and had it replaced under warranty. Well that hasn’t solved the issue. This means the only problem source is my Micro SD card. Here is what it is doing:

-GoPro was recording video but the audio was roughly 2 seconds off from the video. Not quite sure if this problem is still persisting as I have not had a chance to test it as a result of the other issues below.

-Right before I sent my camera in I was doing some test recordings. What started happening is the camera would record for about 30 seconds then quite recording on it’s own. It progressivly got shorter and shorter every time I made a new test video. 20 seconds, 16 second, 8 seconds and finally to 6 seconds. At the last two points where it only records for 6-8 seconds the video will show up on my computer as non readable, or corrupted file data.

Any help on this would be great. GoPro did what they could to trouble shoot from their end ultimately resulting in them replacing my camera, and the problem is still there upon testing. Leaving the Micro SD card.

Thoughts, Ideas, and technical input would be great on this one as I would really prefer to not have to throw away a $55 micro SD card after getting only 6 full months of use out of it and go buy a new one.


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Hi McBill, I hope you get this all sorted out. Sandisk Support is top notch by the way.