Ultra Backup 64 Gb - How to install U3 on it?

I’ve had an 8Gb Cruizer for the past three years or so. Carry my Firefox, Skype and a lot of other apps on it. It allows me to use any computer to surf without leaving traces on the host computer.


So, last week I had this brilliant idea: let’s buy a newer one, 64Gb, this way I can install and carry more apps with me.

BAD idea. Downloaded the U3 installer and doesn’t even recognize my USB as a SanDisk.

So now, unless I find a way to install the U3 on it, I might as well return it for a refund because–without it–this is just a piece of useless junk.

Any ideas?

u3 has been discontinued and is no longer on any sandisk flash drive. there are other options for portable applications however. http://portableapps.com/

Excellent suggestion, thanks. Unfortunately, PortableApps doesn’t have U3’s built-in security feature that locks the drive until a password is entered.

I am in the same boat as you are but with a 32G Cruzer.  It seems that I too am stuck with a worthless

piece of junk now, but I don’t have the receipt now so I guess I am out 70 bucks.  Will be the last time

I buy a SanDisk.

Have you tried this?