U3.COM - What's up with U3 Website?

The U3.com website seems to be down.  Anyone know what’s the status?

Will SanDisk continue support of the cruzer flash drives with the U3 platform?


SanDisk has dropped support for U3.

These links may help you:



This option may also help you:

PortableApps.com’s apps are good but they lack the U3 USB signon security feature. The best option IMO is to:

  1. install the U3 Launchpad ( http://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/240/kw/u3/r_id/101834/sno/0)

  2. then install the PA Suite ( http://portableapps.com/suite ) to the drive

  1. download this mini U3 app ( http://www.filefactory.com/file/b1h7653/n/PAMenu.U3P ) which adds the PortableApps Menu to the U3 menu.



What program should I use to open the third file (the one that shows the PortableApps menu in the U3 menu)?

U3 of course. :smiley:

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Ah, I see. I was trying to use the Launchpad application. That works. Thank you very much for your helpful, prompt replies.

ok Ed_P thanks for hte links, now seems I’m missing something, just like they asked, and you answered that we run the 3rd program with U3, but how. I install the program on my jump drive and open it but can’t start it nor make it run (the application or program)

thanks in advance

??  You’ve never installed a U3 app before??  Goodness!!  :smiley:

On the U3 Launchpad menu window click on Add Programs >>  then click on Install from My Computer.  In the Open window find the .u3p file you downloaded and click the Open button, this will open the U3 Add Program Wizard, click Next and etc to install the PAMenu app.

That gives you the connection between U3’s Launchpad and your PortableApp.com menu and it’s apps and suite that you installed to the data/file portion of the U3 stick.  (You have installed Portableapps already haven’t you?  http://portableapps.com/suite ) 


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umm…will installing PortableApps get rid of the U3 Launchpad. I really need the password protection…also, i like the u3 password protect more than anything i have ever used

Nope.  :smiley:

First link page unusable download buttons just open up xml file content

2nd link no good

2 nd link ok (1st shuld already be good on the drevice if it still is new.

Last link is junk now. Will try the Portable Apps and see if its good enough. Too bad U3 dropped the ball on this device.

“2nd link no good”

"2 nd link ok "

??  Which 2nd link are you referring to?

“Last link is junk now.”

??  Which last link?

This link: http://www.4shared.com/dir/8396069/ae9b34c5/sharing.html does appear to be gone at this point.  But the others all check out for me.  And I must admit it takes a bit to find the filefactory’s SLOW DOWNLOAD button and then to download the file. Fortunately it’s not very big.