Sandisk Cruzer Micro wont launch u3

I have win xp on desk top and when i put the cruzer in the slot the u3 program wont launch,  I can still transfer files manually, and when i stick the cruzer in the  laptop with win7 the u3 program will launch from the same flash drive.  So its not a broken cruzer, i just cant get the u3program to launch from the flash in the machine with xp. 

Any help?

ps this isnt a new flash ddrive, its about 3 years old. with no u3 logo

thank u

In the Win XP machine can you see the U3 CD drive? 

Can you open it with Windows Explorer? 

Can you see the LaunchU3.exe file? 

Can you manually dbl click on the LaunchU3.exe file? 

Does U3 then start?

when i stick the cruzer in this blank folder pops open called 432362076022eaa0

I can see the launch u3 in the F drive

and I can see the files in the flash drive and move them manually, but when i click on the launch u3 from the f drive it just brings up those blank folders with the numbers on them like above.  so manually clicking it doesnt work, but when i put it in the lap top it lauches fine

Very strange.  It sounds like the XP machine has corrupted RAM or something.  I really don’t have any ideas on what the cause could be or how to resolve it.  Sorry.