Cannot open U3 Launchpad with Sandisk cruzer

Hello. I’m unable to open the U3 Launchpad on the Sandisk cruzer. I was wondering, since the U3 is not online, if there is a way I can still access my files. I have a lot of files backed up on 4 separate flashdrives just in case 1 stopped working. Now can’t open any of them.

The message reads: “An error has occurred while staring the U3 Launchpad due to a problem with one of its components. Remove and reinsert your U3 smart drive. If the problem persists, contact the U3 smart drive manufacturer”

Same message for 4 separate flashdrives, on 2 different computers, running Windows7, and Windows Vista.

The flashdrives that are ‘Sandisk Secure Access Manager’ work fine. But some of the data on the U3 is not on the working one.
Thanks for the support. Hope we can get it figured out.

On my Windows 7 32-bit system U3 runs fine.  On my Windows 7 64-bit machine it initially didn’t run.  However I found that running it in Compatibility Mode for Vista SP2 resolved the situation for me.  I never used Vista so I can’t help you with that.

I should also add that of late sometimes U3 doesn’t run on the 64-bit machine unless I reboot it.