U3Launchpad problem

I have been using my Sandisk Cruzer16GB usb stick successfully for a long time on my Windows 7 pc. Now however when I loaded it in my pc I got this message :- " An error has occured while starting the U3 Launchpad due to a problem with one of its components. Remove and reinsert your U3 smart drive. If the problem persists contact the U3 smart drive manufacturers."

I retried it several times with the same result.

I have very important files on it so any help to regain access would be greatly apprerciated.


  1. Remove the U3 drive and reboot the machine.  Then try it.

  2. If still a problem RIGHT click on LauchU3.exe and see if it’s set to run in Compatibilty Mode.  On my Win 7 64-bit machine I have it set to run in Vista SP2 mode.


If I’m not mistaken, U3 was being stopped on new models since it was causing issues. Try removing it and you should be good to go.

U3 has been EOL since 2009.  However it works fine on my Windows XP, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 7-64bit and Windows 8 64-bit machines.  And I can even boot the U3 flash drives that I have, with U3 still on them.  I see no reason to delete it. 

Unless you want to have an unsecured drive.