CANNOT install U3 on Cruzer USB 2.0 32GB Flash Drive (SDCZ36-032G)

I bought a SanDisk Cruzer USB 32GB Flash Drive (SDCZ36) on 25 December 2010, but I CANNOT install U3 on it, the installer said “The currently connected U3 smart drive is not a SanDisk compatible device. This installer only works with SanDisk compatible U3 smart drives”. Did any encounte the same problem?


I feel strange because I can install U3 on SanDisk Ultra Backup USB 32GB Flash Drive(SDCZ40) which buy on 05 December 2010 and also can install on another Cruzer USB 4GB Flash Drive (SDCZ36) !!!


Does any one have solution to install U3 on Cruzer USB 32GB Flash Drive ?? Thank you.


The mystery is not why it doesn’t install on your new drive but how it installed on the 05 December Cruzer.

Sandisk sold the U3 concept to Microsoft a couple of years ago and has stopped manufacturing drives that support it.

SanDisk removed the U3 partition from all the cruzer units manufactured from October 2009, in addition you can not install the U3 software on them, only in the cruzer units manufactured prior to Oct2009.

The Cruzer Ultra Backup was launched with U3 soft in the usb partition , same as Cruzer Titanium, and Cruzer Contour… In the newest cruzer models as Blade, Retail and Slice there´s no possibility to install or runn U3 soft on them.

You can maybe try similar app like “PORTABLEAPPS” just find it on Google.