32GB Sandisk Cruzer seen as USB but not as U3

I just bought a 32GB Sandisk Cruzer to replace my 16GB Sandisk Cruzer with but it is not recognized as a U3 device.  It is identical in all respects to my 16GB Cruzer even including its identification in the device manager.  It appears next to my existing 16GB Cruzer under “Disk drives” with exactly the same name: “SanDisk Cruzer USB Device”  Why isn’t the 32GB SanDisk Cruzer USB Device not seen as U3 compatible?

sandisk stopped making U3 compatible drives back in september of 09. There are many many threads about it here but suffice to say the new drives are not compatible with U3. 

It appears SanDisk’s corporate response to your concern about U3 (shared by many former loyal users) is “go pound sand.”

FWIW, Verbatim has a program very similar to U3 that allows you to password protect their flash drives (but, I found, their flash drives are kind of flimsy and probably should be used only if you get a carrying case for them).

SanDisk is a corporation.  It’s goal is to make money and pay dividends to it’s share holders.  If a product doesn’t sell or doesn’t sell well they stop making it.  If the idea had demand someone else would buy it and make the devices, that hasn’t happened, guess what that means.  Obviously you like U3, so do I, but life goes on.