Cruzer Blade 32GB issue

Hi everybody,

Recently I have bought a Cruzer Blade 32GB, with the SandiskSecureAccess app inside.

This app is slow and not friendly for me. Because of this I want to uninstall it, and instead

I would like to install U3, the old and good secure program.

How can I do this?

Many thanks

This app is slow

See if this thread helps:

Because of this I want to uninstall it

No need to “uninstall it”, simply delete the folders on the drive.

"I would like to install U3"

Unfortunately it can’t be done. :cry:

Thank you Ed

Hi calocaloo. Glad to see it working for you. I wouldn’t want to install U3 on it. It has some reported issue. 

There was even one product were U3 was not included anymore. Good luck. 

SanDisk stopped making U3 products in 2009 when they sold the concept to Microsoft who has yet to do anything with it.  Personally I love my U3 sticks.  They worked on my XP machines and now on my Win 7 machines, even the 64bit one.