Cruzer 4gb that does not lounch U3

I have a Cruzer 4gb that when I plug it in windows recognizes it but I do not get the CD drive which has the U3 launcher on it.  I can not format it.  I can’t reinstall U3. The drive had U3 on it with a password. 

tried many options from forum but still … cannot start u3 software and put password in… same thing on other computers

please HELP !!!

u3 stopped shipping on all sandisk product back in november of 09. anything manufactured since then does not support U3. if you need password protection there is an application you can download called secure access. it is stickied at the top of this board.

getting message


please run Sandisk SecureAccess from a Sandisk external device.

how do i install it on my pc ???

you dont install it on the PC. you install it on the flash drive. copy the .exe file to the flash drive and run it from there.

i cannot get to my sandisk flash drive … on the others it does not work !?

where can i get: SanDisk SecureAccess Manager ???

_ Optional installation
The only software that might be installed on your computer is the SanDisk SecureAccess Manager (optional), which will automatically run the SanDisk SecureAccess software each time you connect your SanDisk USB flash drive_

it is an option to install once you start the install process. copy the file to the secureaccess.exe to the sandisk drive run it. on the first set up screen there is a checkbox that you will check if you want the manager installed. 

i guest it has to be another Sandisk to run from …?

not sure what you are asking. here is all you need to do

  1. copy the secureaccess.exe to the sandisk drive

  2. run secureaccess.exe

  3. enter a password and hint

  4. check that you agree to the EULA

  5. Check the box for the manager if you want it.

that is is then it is installed

got new sandisk drive , installed secureaccess manager … but it anly works on new disk … but not on my  cruzer

dont know what to do … manager wont open my cruzer …

the manager does not open. it is a service that runs on the computer to detect when the drive is connected. it is not something you will ever see aside from the icon in the system trey.