Ultra 64gb... Once over a few gb, anything else copied to it is corrupt

I recently purchased a SanDisk 64Gb Ultra. Whenever I copy anything over around 7gb to it, anything copied after that becomes corrupt and unreadable. Music, video, data files; doesn’t matter what, they all fail to work. I’ve tried all of the file allocation formatting (exFAT, FAT32 and NTFS) with the same results. I know it’s not the tablet, as I’ve had another microsd card the same that worked fine. This is now in my phone. I would like to think it is a faulty card, but I this card is a replacement for a 128gb card which had the same problem.

Is there a solution?



Seems like a counterfeit card that is labeled as a larger card but is still some GBs big. If you bought it from ebay then you can be 90% sure that the card is counterfeit.

For more clarification you can contact the sandisk support to see if the card is genuine.