SanDisk 32 GB microSDHC Card


When I copy files from my notebook to the card, looks like everything is allright. Install the card in my mobile and just few files are in it. Tried a second time and seems the files go to the card, but nothing again. In the windows explorer when I am copying the files looks like it works. I leave windows explorer, get in again and they are not. During the transfer appears files with errors %^$#&*%. Also tried to delete them but is imposible. I tried with other computer, with the phone and nothing. I already formatted the card with the SDFormatter and nothing. Did I made a mistake buying a SanDisk card? Direct to the trash?

Are you sure it’s a genuine SanDisk card? There’s a lot of counterfeit 32GB cards out there. Did you buy it from an authorized SanDisk dealer or from somebody on eBay?

Where did u buy the 32gb micro???

Is there an echo in here?

Yes, you are right… It is a ebay seller. It came in a retailer pack, with serial number and hologram at the back. It looks great. Can you doubt about it?. Only with the test I proof it is a counterfeit. I apologize with SanDisk. I will be in contact with the seller. Fellows, thank you for yours answers.

Wow, that sounds like a very convincing fake. And giving the dealer the benefit of the doubt, it may not be his fault. Many of these resellers buy through distributors or other vendors and not directly from SanDisk, so he may not know he got ripped off either.

If he’s a legitimate and above-board seller on eBay, he’ll gladly refund your money or give you a replacement and be thankful for you bringing this to his attention. He won’t want the feedback reputation he’s earned on eBay to go down the drain because of this.

How did you test it?

Now a day’s SanDisk cards are more prone to fake. I think due to the card is fake the problem is happening with your card.Moreover you did not make a mistake buying the card.But make sure while buying any cards buy from the prescribed retailor.